Caibidil a Trí

The Verb (an Briathar)

Tense and Mood
  tense and mood
  verbal particles
  modal- and auxilliary verbs

The Conjugation
  explanation about conjugation
  1st conjugation
  1st conjugation: monosyllabic verbs ending in -igh
  1st conjugation: verbs ending in -áil
  2nd conjugation
  traditional conjugation and dialectical differences

Derivatives of Verbs
  verbal nouns
  verbal adjectives

The irregular verbs
  bí   (to be)
  déan  (to make)
  clois / cluin (to hear)
  feic  (to see)
  abair  (to say)
  ith  (to eat)
  téigh  (to go)
  tar  (to come)
  tabhair  (to give)
  faigh  (to receive)
  beir  (to carry)

Defect Verbs
  defect verbs

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