Caibidil a Trí: The Verb (an Briathar)

Irregular Verbs (na Briathra Neamhrialta)

clois = hear

Irregular only in the preterite (stem chuala, note: also the autonomous form is lenited!)
No special dependent forms
  indicative imperative conditional subjunctive
  present preterite imperfect future present preterite
1st pers. sg. cloisim chuala mé chloisinn cloisfidh mé cloisim chloisfinn go gcloise mé dá gcloisinn
2nd pers. sg. cloiseann tú chuala tú chloisteá cloisfidh tú clois chloisfeá go gcloise tú dá gcloisteá
3rd pers. sg. cloiseann sé chuala sé chloiseadh sé cloisfidh sé cloiseadh sé chloisfeadh sé go gcloise sé dá gcloiseadh sé
1st pers. pl. cloisimid chualamar chloisimis cloisfimid cloisimis chloisfimis go gcloisimid dá gcloisimis
2nd pers. pl. cloiseann sibh chuala sibh chloiseadh sibh cloisfidh sibh cloisigí chloisfeadh sibh go gcloise sibh dá gcloiseadh sibh
3rd pers. pl. cloiseann siad chuala siad chloisidís cloisfidh siad cloisidís chloisfidis go gcloise siad dá gcloisidís
autonomous cloistear chualathas chloistí cloisfear cloistear chloisfí go gcloistear dá gcloistí

verbal noun cloisteáil
genitive of the verbal noun substantiv.cloisteála
infinitive cloisteála
verbal adjective cloiste

instead of clois in Ulster also (with same preterite form chuala): cluin = hear
As a verbal noun, also cloisint.

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