Caibidil a Trí: The Verb (an Briathar)

Irregular Verbs (na Briathra Neamhrialta)

tabhair = give

Various stems in the present, preterite, imperfect (stem tug) in future, conditional and 2nd person singular imperative (stem tabhar), no special dependent forms
  indicative imperative conditional subjunctive
  present preterite imperfect future present preterite
1st pers. sg. tugaim thug mé thugainn tabharfaidh mé tugaim thabharfainn go dtuga mé dá dtugainn
2nd pers. sg. tugann tú thug tú thugtá tabharfaidh tú tabhair thabharfá go dtuga tú dá dtugtá
3rd pers. sg. tugann sé thug sé thugadh sé tabharfaidh sé tugadh sé thabharfadh sé go dtuga sé dá dtugadh sé
1st pers. pl. tugaimid thugamar thugaimis tabharfaimid tugaimis thabharfaimis go dtugimid dá dtugaimis
2nd pers. pl. tugann sibh thug sibh thugadh sibh tabharfaidh sibh tugaigí thabharfadh sibh go dtuga sibh dá dtugadh sibh
3rd pers. pl. tugann siad thug siad thugaidís tabharfaidh siad tugaidís thabharfaidís go dtuga siad dá dtugaidís
autonomous tugtar tugadh thugtaí tabharfar tugtar thabharfaí go dtugtar dá dtugtaí

verbal noun tabhairt
genitive of the verbal noun substantiv.tabhartha 
infinitive tabhartha 
verbal adjective tugtha 

Older forms

Earlier, dependent forms were more common in the present: tabhraim, tabhrann sé, etc. as opposed to absolute forms (do-)bheirim, (do-)bheireann sé (auch bheir sé, ohne -eann) This is true as well in the future und conditional about the dependent: tiubhraidh/tiobhraidh sé and absolute: (do-)bheurfaidh/(do-)bhéarfaidh sé and in the imperfect: dependent: tabhrainn, tabhradh sé, absolute: (do-)bheirinn, (do-)bheireadh sé
in Munster and Ulster these are, in part, still in use.

 dependent absolute

tabhair stems from the verb beir through an affixing of the preposition do = to . This is recognizable on its aforementioned older absolute forms. In the dependent form, tabhair took the mutation on of do- to ta- , because it is a prototonic form (stress on the 1st syllable), as opposed to a deuterotonic do-bheir (stress on the 2nd syllable: bheir).

The forms ending in tabhar/tabhair are most [to:r]/[to:r'], also spoken [tor] (e.g. tabhair dhom é = give it to me! [tor'@m e:])

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