Caibidil a Trí: The Verb (an Briathar)

Irregular Verbs (na Briathra Neamhrialta)

cluin = hear

Irregular only in the preterite (stem chuala, not: also the autonomous form lenites!)
No special dependent forms
  indicative imperative conditional subjunctive
  present preterite imperfect future present preterite
1st pers. sg. cluinim chuala mé chluininn cluinfidh mé cluinim chluinfinn go gcluine mé dá gcluininn
2nd pers. sg. cluineann tú chuala tú chluinteá cluinfidh tú cluin chluinfeá go gcluine tú dá gcluinteá
3rd pers. sg. cluineann sé chuala sé chluineadh sé cluinfidh sé cluineadh sé chluinfeadh sé go gcluine sé dá gcluineadh sé
1st pers. pl. cluinimid chualamar chluinimis cluinfimid cluinimis chluinfimis go gcluinimid dá gcluinimis
2nd pers. pl. cluineann sibh chuala sibh chluineadh sibh cluinfidh sibh cluinigí chluinfeadh sibh go gcluine sibh dá gcluineadh sibh
3rd pers .pl. cluineann siad chuala siad chluinidís cluinfidh siad cluinidís chluinfidis go gcluine siad dá gcluinidís
autonomous cluintear chualathas chluintí cluinfear cluintear chluinfí go gcluintear dá gcluintí

verbal noun cluinstin
genitive of the verbal noun substantiv.cluinstine
infinitive cluinstine
verbal adjective cluinte

cluin is the variant used most commonly in Ulster of clois = hear (with its own preterite form chuala).

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