Caibidil a Cúig: Präpositionen  (Reamhfhocail)

um  = about/around

um is mostly still in use in Munster, but also in the standard. In northern dialects, in part, other prepositions are taken in its place.
Through the development from um > má > fá and the equation with faoi, one will mostly use faoi (Ulster ) in the sense of "about" (labhairt fúm = speaking about me )


um requires the dative or accusative

Initial Mutations


Combined with the personal pronoun:

- general contrast form translation
I umam umamsa about me
you umat umatsa about you
he uime uimesean about him, because
she uimpi uimpise about her
we umainn umainne about us
you(pl) umaibh umaibhse about you
they umpu umpusan about them


  1. around: dìaigh siad um an rí = they gathered together around the king
  2. be around one another,  accompany: a bhéirt mhac uime= his two sons, who accompany him (who are around him)
  3. along: um Shionainn = along the Shannon
  4. temporal around,  on : um Nollaig = on Christmas,  um thránona = in the afternoon,  um an am sin = around this time
  5.  cuir um = put on,  get dressed("to wrap oneself in"): Chuir sí an cóta uimpi = She put her coat on
  6. against: um an gcoirthe = against the stone
  7. is uime = because of ,  because ; fáth um + indir. relative clause= the cause why (mostly though without um)
    Cén fáth (um) a bhfuil tú anseo? = Why are you here?
  8. fight over, ag fonóid um = laugh about, grá um = love for
  9. for, over, etc. in official titles for civil offices, laws .: An tÚdarás um Ard-Oideachas = Higher Education Authority (HEA), An Institiúid Éireannach um Chosaint Raideolaíoch = Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII), An tAcht um Chosaint Sonraí = Data Protection Law
    (Dinneen classifies this use as wrong in his dictionary, but it is common and "official")
  10. not to be used in the meaning in order to with the verbal noun, instead use le, chun

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