Caibidil a Cúig

The prepositions (na Réamhfhocail)

Man prepositions in Irish form combinations with personal pronouns (so-called "prepositional pronouns") or with other words, they are then in that sense conjugated. Some prepositions require lenition or eclipsis or even the genitive. The usage of the prepositions sometimes differs greatly from the German or English counterparts. Some form certain important expressions and an alternative for non-present verbs like "to have", "to own", "to want" etc,  so that they are handled here. The given translations and uses are only to be seen as a guide and are by no means complete.

conjugated prepositions (réamhfhocail réimníthe)
  ag, ar, as, chun/chuig, de, do,
  fara, faoi, i, idir, ionsar, le,
  ó, roimh, trí, thar, um
  combinations of the prepositional pronouns

unconjugated prepositions (réamhfhocail neamhréimnithe)
  a, dar, is, gan, go, go dtí, mar, os, seachas

genitive prepositions (réamhfhocail ghinideacha)
  chun, trasna, tar éis, cois, tigh, timpeall, fearacht
  derived prepositions (réamhfhocail chomhshuite)

  alternative for the preposition "for"

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