Word Search - Colours

There are 13 Irish words pertaining to colour hidden in the grid below. Can you find them all? The words may be written up, down, forward, backward, or diagonally. Words can overlap; i.e., a letter can be part of two or more words.

s c á n í u a i n e
b á n u s r a n d t
m r o g c n n o í h
e a b r a á n g s l
d h o u r n o l c a
u c s a í l i a t h
b r o l ó h g s ó g
h o í l d e a r g a
é d e a d r o m a s

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bán, rua, oráiste, dearg, dubh, donn, corcra, liath, glas, uaine, gorm, dorcha, eadrom

Word Mine

How many Irish words can you find in the following word? Only the root forms of words are allowed -- no plurals, genitives, vocatives, conjugated verbs, etc. -- but verbal nouns are allowed. Also, in this particular word there are no fadas, so the words you find cannot have any fadas!


I found:

To view the answer, select the area below. Less common words are marked with an asterisk.

ad *, ag, am, ar, ga *,
ach, agh *, amh *, ara *, ard, arg *, arm, cad, cam, cha, dam *, dar, gad *, gar, mac, mar
acra, adac *, adha *, agra *, cadh *, cara, dara, dram, gach, gram *, mara
achar *, adhar *, amach, amhra *, carda *, dramh *, garda, garma *, madra
adharc, amharc, armach *, camadh *, darach *, gadhar *, garach *, gradam *, magadh
daracha * drachma * gadrach * margadh

Scrambled Words

Can you unscramble these words?

Answers (highlight to view)

amárach, fuinneog, leabhar, teach, madra, scoil, seomra smaointe

Unspelling Bee

Many of these words are likely to be familiar to you. Say the words aloud to yourself, and see if you can spell them without consulting a dictionary. Although I have designed this one for beginners, don't be surprised if you find it challenging, especially if you don't have many opportunities to hear the language. If you can get all of these right, then you are developing a good ear! You might want to review

caol le caol agus leathan le leathan before you start.

This game uses the phonetic system used in the dictionary.

  1. Pay special attention to broad (b, c, d, ...) and slender (b', c', d', ...) consonants.
  2. Also note short (a, e, i, o, u) and long (a:, e:, i:, o:, u:} vowels.
  3. @ = schwa

Group 1

Answers (highlight to view)

buí, bí, cead, cat, daideo, fear, fál, glas, géar, mar, méar, neart, páirc, peaca, ras, sa, sé, tá, tine

Group 2 (a little more difficult)

Answers (highlight to view)

óg, sí, fás, mórán, dream, fiaclóir, bosca, léamh, péinteáil, gluais, tuarastal