If this FAQ doesn't answer your question, send an email to support@nualeargais.ie.

What are the system requirements?

Beginning with version 3.0, Seans Eile should run on any computer that can run Java. That includes Windows, Mac, Linux. When installed, the software uses approximately 6 MB of disk space.

Installation problems

The file you downloaded should be named something like seansEile-n.n.n-install.jar. Do not unzip the file; it won't work if you unzip it. Just double-click the file. If that doesn't work, let's first make sure you have Java 1.6 installed. At the command prompt, type:

java -version

You should see something like this:

     java version "1.6.0_07"

If you get an error message about not being able to find the 'java' command, then you probably don't have Java installed on your system. If the version number is lower than 1.6, you need to upgrade to run Seans Eile. Java is easy to install, and it's also free.
download Java here.

Once you've confirmed that you have Java 1.6 or greater installed, you can probably just double-click on seansEile-n.n.n-install.jar to run the installer. But if that doesn't work, go to a command prompt and type:

     cd path_to_seansEile-n.n.n-install.jar

For example, if you saved the jarfile to the desktop, you would type: cd desktop. Or if you put it in the "My Documents" folder, you would type: cd "my documents". Now you're ready to execute that command. Type:

     java -jar seansEile-n.n.n-install.jar

After that, the installer program should launch. Just follow the instructions and you're done.

How do I type fadas (length marks)?

In Irish, long vowels are marked with a "sineadh fada" (e.g. á, é, í, ó, and ú.) To get a sineadh fada, hold down the Alt Gr key as you type the vowel. The Alt Gr key is usually to the right of the spacebar. (Mac OS 8.x, 9.x and 10.x: Type Option + e, then type the vowel you want. For capitals, type Option + e, then Shift + vowel.)

Most non-European keyboards don't have an Alt Gr key. If your keyboard doesn't have one, you have several options:

Do I still use Java Web Start to run Seans Eile?

No. I've dropped the Java Web Start technology, and gone back to an old fashioned installer. Java Web Start is a good piece of technology, but because it's unfamiliar to most users, it's confusing for them, and it's more difficult for me to support.

What dialect does Seans Eile focus on?

Seans Eile can recognise multiple correct answers to a question. At present, most of the stored quiz answers are "Standard Irish", with some alternative answers in "Donegal Irish" (the dialect I am personally most interested in). However, I would like to cover a broad range of dialects. If you have alternative answers to suggest to some of the questions, send an email to support@nualeargais.ie; I'll try to include them in the next release.

Why did Seans Eile tell me my answer was wrong?

First, check that you haven't made a small typing mistake, and that you've used lenition and eclipsis where required. (Seans Eile will detect many mistakes of this type, and tell you that your answer is "almost right"). Otherwise, the answer stored in the quiz may be wrong, or there may be more than one correct answer. If the program tells you that your answer is wrong, but you know it's right, you can add your answer to the list. To do this:

I'd appreciate it if you could also send an email to support@nualeargais.ie to let me know about any corrections or additions needed; I'll try to include them in the next release.

I selected several modules, why is Seans Eile only asking me questions from one module?

The modules and questions in Seans Eile are arranged roughly in increasing order of difficulty. If you have more than one module selected, you will generally not be asked any questions from the later modules until you have answered most of questions in the earlier modules correctly, several times.

Of course, you may prefer to work on the modules in a different order. The easiest way to control the order of the modules is to select just one module at a time.

I'm creating a new Seans Eile module. How do I add pictures to the questions?

In the current version, there is no way to add pictures to questions. However, this is a feature I plan to add, so check this web site regularly for updates. Better yet, let me know you want this feature by sending an email to support@nualeargais.ie.

Why is the audio button not working?

Seans Eile comes with a sample set of recordings of native speakers (in the colours module). You should be able to hear the pronunciation of bándearg, bán, buí, corcra, donn, dorcha donn, dubh, dúghorm, éadrom gorm, glas, gorm, liath, oráiste, rua, and uaine. To hear the pronunciation of other words, you'll need to purchase one of the audio packs.

If you can't hear the sample audio, please verify that you can hear audio on your computer using some other program, such as RealPlayer. At present, audio is only supported on Windows and Linux.