Software to help you practice your Irish

Seans Eile was designed to help you practice your Irish, focusing on the areas you're having trouble with. It keeps track of how often you've answered each question correctly. Each time you give the right answer to a particular question, you'll be asked that question a little less often. If you get an answer wrong, you'll have another chance at it in a few moments. That way you'll never see too much new information at once (which is frustrating) or keep doing the same thing over and over (which is boring). You'll spend most of your time on material that you "sort of" know but need to practice, some time on new material, and a little time on material you know fairly well, but don't want to forget.

Seans Eile was also designed be easy to customise. As you encounter new words and phrases, you can add them to the list of questions so that you can review them. And your teacher can create new sets of questions and distribute them to the class for everyone to use.

With over 6000 questions, Seans Eile can help you no matter what your level of Irish is – whether you're a beginner learning the names of colours, or an advanced student reviewing “An Modh Coinníollach”.

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