Caibidil a Cúig: Prepositions (Réamhfhocail)

thar = past, over


thar requires the dative or accusative.

Initial Mutations nach thar


Combinations with personal pronouns

- general contrast form translation
I tharam tharamsa past me
you tharat tharatsa past you
he thairis thairis-sean past him
she thairti thairtise past her
we tharainn tharainne past us
you(pl.) tharaibh tharaibhse past you
they thartu thartusan past them

special form : thart = past it (adverbial), also applied: past


  1. spatial movement of something to and beyond, horizontal (past) and vertical (over): thar an mbosca = over the box,  thar an dteach = past the house or over the house
  2. also temporal over ... past : bhí sé thar am agat = it was overdue for you (lit.: "it is over the time at you")
  3. also applied over ... past : thar chomhairle a athair = despite her father's adivce (lit.: "above the advice of her father")
  4. Amount: (more than...., over....): thar bhliain = over a year, more than a year
  5. certain comparative: ( more than ....): thar a bheith go maith = more than good

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