Caibidil a Trí Déag:

Clauses and Syntax (Abairt agus Comhréir) 

the Sentence
  word order
    grammatical and logical subject
    grammatical subjectlessness
  simple affirmative clause
  negative clause
  semi-negative clause
  simple query
  full query
  double queries
Clauses with go/nach
  go/nach-linked clauses
Conditional clauses
  real conditional clauses
  irreal conditional clauses
  multiple conditional clauses
Relative clauses
  direct relative clauses
  indirect relative clauses
  generalising relative pronoun
Change in the word order in a sentence
 with the help of the copula
  cleft construction: subject, object, other clause members
  cleft construction: verb through a verbal noun and déan
  cleft construction: with the comparative
  pseudo-cleft construction: verb, go/nach-clauses, object, as a question
without the help of the copula
  compound subject, object
Special syntax
  syntax of the copula
  syntax of the verbal noun
  syntax of the gradual abstract noun
  transitory adverbs with le
  subjunctive clauses
  classification-/identification clauses without the copula
  modal constructions and "to have"
  indirect speech

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