Caibidil a Ceathair

The Copula (an Chopail)

What is a copula
  What is a copula
  uses of the copula
  specialites of the copula

  overview der copular forms
   lenition after the copula
   omission of the copular form is
   miscellaneous and variations
  seo, sin, siúd as copular forms 

copula and the verb bí
  bí and is

Syntax of the copula
  predicate and subject in the copular clause
  exceptions to the PSO-rule in the copular clause
  copula in the identification clause
  copula in the classification clause
  copula and adjectives
  copula in real conditional clauses
  copula in irreal conditional clauses
  copula in direct relative clauses
  copula in indirect relative clauses
  copula in subjunctive clauses
  copula for showing ownership
  copula for stating origin
  copula for stating names
  copula in interrogative clauses
  answers to interrogative clauses
  emphasis in the copular clause

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