Caibidil a Cúig: Prepositions  (Réamhfhocail)

as  = out


as requires the dative.

Initial Mutations


Combined with personal pronouns:

  general contrast form translation
I asam asamsa out of me
you asat asatsa out of you
he as as-san out of him, from that
she aisti aistise out of her
we asainn asainne out of us
you (pl) asaibh asaibhse out of you
they astu astusan out of them


  1. spatial/applied: out,  out of
  2. origin from: from Dublin, etc. (with the copula!) Is as Béal Feirste é = He is from Belfast
  3. starting point of a motion from: as sin go Éirinn = from there to Ireland, i bhfad as seo = far from here
  4. constitution out of : out of fabric / material as an éadach
  5. origin: out of/from :
  6. in / with a medium: nigh as uisce é = wash it in (with) water
  7. in a language : as Gaeilge = in Irish, as Gearmáinis = in German
  8. locational information about a quality (on/at): géar as an mbarr = sharp at the tip
  9. gen. out of : as amharc = out of sight, as cuimse = off the scale (opposite in = ar: ar amharc = in sight)
  10. outside of a normal function : as ordú = out of order, as úsaid = out of use, as bealach = off-track (=being wrong/following a misconception)
  11. lack of: as obair = out of work , tá ... as ... = not have (as opposed to tá ... ag = have)
  12. out of : as guais = out of danger, as an imirt = out of the game
  13. selection of: bain rogha as = choose out of, duine as béirt = one of the two
  14. engagement in : tá as rud = to be into something ("to get something out of something")
  15. adverbial to be off : Tá .... asTá an raidió as = the radio is off turn off : cas ... asChas mé an tine as = I put out the fire
  16. adverbial to not belong, be out : tá mé as = I'm out .
  17. adverbial aloneas féin: tá mé ag súil as féin = I walk alone
  18. adverbial be alone : tá as ... féin, e.g. Tá asainn féin anois = we're alone now

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